Stupidest thing I'd ever done

I met I guy on tinder. Talked for 4 months. Then finally met him in sf. He was in town for his nephews bday. I decided to stay at his hotel.  I was a nervous reck. Wasn't myself. But we had a good time. So I thought. Went out to a wine bar. Conversated. Next day we say goodbye and text each other that we made it safe to our destination. I thanked him for a great night . He had a great night too. He said. Text him the next day. Got a short response. He called me by my name instead of sweetie , love sweet names he used to say before we met. Wtf? I'm honestly hurt. No , I wasn't being myself cause my grandma was in the hospital. My grandma. Demanded I go on this date instead of being home worried for her. But I wasn't all there. Maybe I messed up the chemistry? Idk. I want to text him or call him to explain why I was being bout of it and also tell him why he changed . Good idea?