Was I being mean?

Today my SO had court this morning and the plan was for him to drop me off at school and he goes to court! We are currently sharing a car for a week because his truck is in the shop! He woke up late, on the road getting attitudes at people because there driving slow! I simply suggested that he just go before them. He instantly snapped and said I don't have time for your attitude! Which I did not I smiled and said baby, but I know he's nervous about court, but this court thing with him is repetitive! Long story short he accused me of an attitude and got out the car I'm the middle of nowhere I pulled off, for I have school this morning. He got out the car I pulled off! ! Too early for the foolishness! Now he's telling me I'm mean. Was I wrong to pull off on him for an argument he started? Because I did not want to be late for school? Nor did I want him late for court . Was I wrong?