Parents aren't friends?? WHAT?!

I hate when people say "parents aren't there to be your friend they are there to discipline and educate you" ?!!


I feel so bad for girls who don't feel like they can talk to their mothers about sex, bras, periods etc

They just miss out on having one of the best most insightful friend they ever could.

You can still be a good parent who steers their child in the right path and not do things a child or teen shouldn't do, and STILL be a friend who your child can confide in and learn from and when things get scary or rough your child can talk to you and you can help them.

I've known so many girls who aren't friends with their parents and especially their mothers and have ended up in such a wrong place and being so sneaky and causing so much trouble because they couldn't even ask their mum on what they can or can't do because they were scared...

I can't imagine why a parent wouldn't want to be friends with their child...

My mumma is my bff 😂❤️