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So I have a 12 year old daughter and I want to give her chances I never had but she refuses to try anything. Growing up I wasn't allowed to do sports or band but my younger brother could finally my 7th grade year my mom finally let me do choir and track (was just a back up if anyone got hurt so never went to a meet). When my daughter was in 1st grade we did t-ball and she enjoyed it until my mother decided I wasn't teaching her good enough and yelled and screamed at my daughter for every little thing she done wrong. So after that season we didn't do it again being a single mom I didn't have time to work and take her to the games myself. I decided to put her in girl scouts so that was something we done together for a few years and once again my mother ruined it for her by telling her girl scouts are stupid. We managed to do girl scouts for a few years until the girls in her group got very annoying and it wasn't fun anymore. Now here we are going into 7th grade and I can't get her involved in anything and it's sad she has one hell of an arm on her to do softball and she loves volleyball but all the years of negativity from my wonderful mother keeps her from trying. Idk what to do I am as positive as I can be with her about encouraging her and my fiance has told her he would help her (he is very athletic) but it's just not enough.