secret is out.. wish i was happy!!

i was in a bad mood today, we have no A/C and its hot in our house, which probably lead to my moodyness.. DH was bugging me to go to his parents all day.. i was okay, until i started getting ready.. my clothes dont really fit!! .. so i didnt wanna go anywhere .. i told him its getting harder to hide this..

he was soo adamant on keeping it a secret till i was 14 weeks or farther.. but we got into a little heated argument, saying fine we will do it your way.. we will tell everyone today!! .. if its soo hard to keep it a secret.. i said well geez, when im sick i cant hide that.. and im starting to show.. cant really wear baggy sweaters in this heat ..

anyways.. i told him just dont say anything yet.. but just dont make me go anywhere either.. he said no.. im telling my parents today ..and soo he did, it was quick shes almost 3 months pregnant.. his parents had really no reaction.. my moms outta town, so i had to tell her over facebook messanger before she heard it online or something.. she wasnt excited.. she was upset..

she said shes trying to protect me.. she seen how hard of a time we had with my son..

aaand lastly.. my sister in law just told us a few days ago shes expecting.. and we told them too.. and well, they say theyre excited but their body language and expressions said it all..

just not feeling too positive right now..

DH said give it some time.. they will come around.. its not as exciting as a first baby.. but soon as its close to the baby being here they will be excited..

I hope sooo