any advise please


Hello. I am sorry if my story brings up any painful memories for anyone that has been in a similar situation! 😣 I was sexually abused from the ages of 15 to 18 I wont go into details... My uncle who I was living with at the time was the perpetrator. I am now 24 and I have finally got the courage to report the abuse to the police. I completed my statement in April. Its been nearly 4 months and I am freaking out. My uncle used to use the fact that he helped me so much to get away with the abuse... they housed and fed me and they took me on holidays and I needed to be grateful and show my appreciation... My aunty didnt officially know about the abuse but I suspect she does. She told me if I was to mess up their family I would find her at the bottom of the lake. I understand that this part wont make sense but I feel really sorry for them and no matter how hard i try not to feel this way it keeps coming back. I feel like he would feel scared and embarrassed and that it would not only effect him but his whole family will be effected by my reporting.... once again I know it makes no sense and it wont stop me from Fighting for what is right so that he never hurts another girl. Just wondering if anyone else has ever felt this way and how you overcame it?