I don't know what to think/do

My boyfriend and I have two years together. Everything is pretty fine. We rarely argue (like 2 times in the entire 2 years and everything was fine right after the arguing). His friends and family know me. His parents love me and everything is pretty perfect. He doesn't express his emotions very easy, actually he has a hard time doing it, but he shows me (with actions) that he really loves me. I just have one stupid concern. He has never posted a picture of us in a social network. I know his pretty conservative and doesn't like others talking about his life (like what he does or doesn't), but I just don't get it. It's pretty awkward that in two years he hasn't posted not a single pic (pd: he is not a pictures lover, but he does post pics of him in fb/insta like one per month). From the last 5 months to now, my family/friends have started asking me why he doesn't have pics with me. I just say "cuz he doesn't like pics" (that's what he says to me). I asked him today "what I'm supposed to answer to people when they ask me why you do not post pics with me?" He said "tell them to take care of their business" /: but I feel like, even myself ask me the same question, why he doesn't post pics with me.

Note: I'm pretty sure he's not ashamed of being with me because when we go out to parties or whatever he loves to be hugging me or giving me kisses in my head (like showing me off lol), and he didn't have a problem introducing me to his family/friends..

What would you think/go girls? Sometimes I forget about it, but when someone ask it puts me down.

(I do love photos. A lot.)