Going through a breakup while pregnant...


I met my ex boyfriend like 4 months ago and at 18 weeks and 5 days (Yesterday) pregnant he announced to me that we were now only going to be parents and not a couple.

I later then got a message from his girlfriend he aparently had the whole time (i was the side-piece) that I could only text him if it was about the baby from now on.

We are very young, I'm 21 and he turned 19 not too long ago. When I got pregnant I was ready for him to leave me and my baby but he stuck around and asked for full-time at his job. He obviously wanted to be a part of our baby's life.

Except I moved to my mom's place two hours away from him. And I always told him that if he wasn't with me, I wouldnt let him see his kid (desperate way to make him stay) and when he broke up with me I told him that I was not gonna have my baby travel two hours everytime to see his father so he had to find a job and a place to live closer.

His girlfriend later on decided to text me, tell me that I couldnt keep my baby away from its father and and I said it wasn't his baby, that it is someone else's.

I don't want him anywhere close to my baby, do you think it's fair? :/