Praying this is my rainbow, unicorn... KO


Finally the end of my tww has a Happy ending! I took a hpt @ 11dpiui and got a bfp which was confirmed yesterday with blood test, beta=134@13dpiui.

I'm very excited and also very cautious! I've been down this road before. Many of you have followed my journey since the beginning, almost two years ago!

The road has not been easy! However, I want to encourage all of us over 40's. I'm praying this little bean sticks around. If it does, I've beat the odds and that means, you can too! I have changed my numbers and my stars even though I was told it wouldn't happen unless I used donor eggs. We can get pregnant, we can heal our bodies, we can do when others say we can't! Stay positive ladies! I've wanted to give up so many times. There were days after my mc in March, that I thought I couldn't move or get myself off of the couch. I didn't want to try anymore. But I had a dream. I'm not out of the woods yet. I'll be nervous until I get past the 8wk mark and then I'll probably be Nervous again. But for today, I'm grateful!

Update: Well its never a dull journey... Today I began spotting and had light, achy cramps. My Dr office said that can happen and normal but I was still anxious until They gave me my numbers. Hcg 347, P4 10.3. (This is down from 15 on Tues) So while I was relieved that my beta more than doubled, I was concerned my progesterone is so low. I'm already on endometrin. This remains a roller coaster ride of emotions but I still have faith!

2nd Update: Today I had my 3rd blood work apt. Good news! Beta/Hcg 1123, P4 26. I'm so happy my progesterone went up. I just wanted to thank everyone for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers! It has meant so much to me. I go for my 1st sono on either Friday or Monday. I may see if I can do it Friday bc I don't want to be anxious all weekend. πŸ™πŸ’œ

3rd Update: 1st sono looks good. Its basically a black circle in my uterus. lol RE said everything looks normal so far. I'm only 5wks, 3days. They took bloods to check my thyroid. Next sono is Thursday.

4th Update: sono doesn't look so great. I'm most likely going to have another mc. The sac grew and the yolk sac but the fetal pole did not and no heartbeat. I'm 6wks/6d. My RE said to come back next wed to double check before scheduling a D&C.; I'm pretty devastated! Can't stop crying. Can't stop thinking, why did I wait so long! Can't stop praying to God for a miracle. This is so painful. I just can't...