Talking toddlers

Okay this mama needs some advice

My daughter is a year and half old, but really doesn't talk, she says hi, bye, bite, please, mama, Dada, papa, and nana. She is very smart and understand everything I tell her . When I ask questions she understands me and even when I tell her to do something she knows just what I am saying. She just hasn't started using her words yet.. usually I would say to give her some time and she will, but I am surrounded by people who like to compare how there children are to mine, and how talkative they were . It makes me feel like they are saying my baby is stupid and I can't take it anymore!! I have tried different ways of teaching her, by talking with her, never baby talking. Explaining what everything is, flash cards, movies, I guess I just wondering what other parents have done to help teach their child to talk.