Feeling depressed

Farrah • Pregnant again after a mc in August. Hoping this is our rainbow baby! 💖

Any one else have pcos, found out you were miscarrying and decided to go the d&c; route? I would be a little over 9 weeks, but just found out my baby stopped growing. Im scheduled for a d&c; tomorrow morning. I've been overwhelmed by my anxiety and depression over this. It doesn't help that we have vacation next week, and we had planned on doing a surprise announcement with my in-laws. My sil and bil have been TTC for 7 months, and my sil has always been the favorite between my husband and her with their parents. It's obvious to anyone and everyone. My dh tried to call his mom and get some advice for how to deal with this, how to help me through it, etc bc she has had a miscarriage before. Her only response was: "well, I'm glad you aren't announcing anything next week. You know your sister has been upset with her own situation." This would have been her first grandchild, and she dgaf. She's more concerned over her daughters feelings of not being able to conceive yet, then she is about her sons feelings over losing a child. His parents have always been this way. His thoughts,feelings, interests, etc always fall to the wayside compared to his sister. I'm about ready to cut them out of my life bc I'm tired of being made to feel this way, and I'm tired of having to watch my husband keep going through this. Anyway, I went off on a tangent. Any advice regarding this? And also any experience with the recovery of d&c; being worse bc of pcos? I also have psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis if that's helps any. Tia!