McKenzie • Expecting TWINS, married 2 years, faith in God, heart stolen by my sweet 4 yr. Old daughter Samantha, Baby A is a BOY💙 and Baby B is a GIRL❤

I know I'm early in my pregnancy and I really shouldn't think about this until later on in the process but I'm starting to question do I want to have a c-section or a natural vaginal birth my family has been telling me to do this and that but I wanna do what I wanna do the problem is I don't know what I want to do I know I have plenty of time to think but I'm just a type of,person who just wants to get things done and organized at the beginning so I won't have to go back and gather everything. But I also feel very cautious about natural because I had my first baby that way but when she came,out she was dead and it crushed me because I felt like it was all my fault my parents didn't want me to keep her because she was a product of rape but I didn't care I wanted her more than anything I was scared and I'm feeling that same fear that I'll lose this one.


-McKenzie 😒