Hemorrhoids... what to make them go away?

So, I'm almost 35 weeks pregnant. I've had small hemorrhoids since the beginning. I use prep H and witch hazel.

But lately all my BM'S are soft which seems to make it worse...

And today I looked back in the mirror. And cried. Never have I felt more unattractive even though I know it's a normal enough thing...

My Dr said the other day that baby girl is sitting low. I now have at least 3-4 external hemorrhoids.. they don't hurt, until after bowel movements. I don't need to do alot of straining. But my butt hole looks terrible. I did anal, like a month and a half ago, with lube, that was not a good idea.

I'm scared my hole won't go back to normal shape and I'm not sure what else to do besides what I'm already doing.

Should I see my Dr about it and have her take a look 😕

I know they'll come back possibly after delivery, but I'd rather get rid of them before delivery then deal with less worse ones again after... making the ones I have worse 😣

I'm scared

What really cures hemorrhoids??? Besides diet and drinking water and prep h and witch hazel. Already doing all that