I really dont know how or what to say, but sometimes I feel like I will never get the chance to be a mom. I have been in committed relationship for 4 years now and have had 2 miscarriages in the last 3 yrs. I dont have any underlying problems that I know of but I think its because we dont have enough sex. My SO either is not attracted to me sexually enough or he has a low sex drive. He is only 6 yrs older than me but he doesnt seem to be as interested in sex as I am. He was the one that asked me to have a baby with him but he wants it to happen without us really "trying" which I understand to a certain degree but we are not getting any younger, he is 44 and I'm 38. Perfect example my cycle just went off so its been over a week since we did anything. I went in the room where he was at and turned the TV off and told him to come on and he got upset and was like dont do that I will be in there afterwhile...He always reacts like this when I try to get him to be sponteanous. What should I do, is it me or what????? What can I do to make him want to have sex more? He also wont tell me that he loves me, he says that I should know by the way he shows me, but he doesnt even give me a real kiss. He kisses me everyday but not a real passionate kiss. Do you think this is worth moving on for or is it because the way we show our affection is completely different?