"Threatned Miscarriage" and successful pregnancy?????


Had to go to ER last night due to clotting and cramps (started Tuesday, light spotting till Friday when I went to er.) Hcg levels was 2065 still testing positive. I also passed 6 quarter sized clots when I was in the hospital. Said they couldn't get anything from transvag cuz too much blood but I SWEAR I saw a placenta, if not a baby. Got diagnosed with "threatened miscarriage", meaning I'll either have a miscarriage or continue the pregnancy on bedrest, according to dr. Gotta go back to the Dr Monday to check hcg levels again and maybe get another ultrasound. Any one else get diagnosed with threatened miscarriage and wind up continuing pregnancy?

(Side note: my roommate, whose a nurse, says its a possibility that I ovulated late and that could cause what's happening. Did that ever happen to anyone?)