I am losing my mind

I am losing my mind. I just had a miscarriage a month ago and I can't control my emotions. I get mad easier and I just don't feel myself. My husband doesn't say much or try to help. I have tried talking to him and he tells me to stop crying or to just be calm. I honestly want a divorce. Our problems are getting out of control and all I think about is my angel. I don't even know were to start I just am losing all hope and I pray and pray but I am just getting to the point I want to just stay locked up in my room. I don't know how to shake this feeling. I feel so alone and that no one understands or I get people who say don't worry about it oh and my favorite one... It's not a big deal you can have another baby. I know I am selfish I wanted that angel. I want to hold them kiss them and just be there for them the good the bad and ugly. I wanted to hear the first words and their smile. The booboos that I would kiss. I feel so desperate. I can't even stop crying now. I don't ever think my husband will understand the love you have for an angel that you carry and then it gets taken away from you and all you imagine is the little body that has already stole your heart. I don't even want to love. I know I may be taking this to the extreme but this is how I feel. I just want to run away.