Please help ladies!!

Hello. Sorry for writing a book in advance. WI  am currently 10w3d with baby number 3. I swear I have had symptoms since 3 to 4 weeks along. Sore boobs, nausea, headaches, etc. at 6 weeks I started spotting a little and we found out my progesterone levels were to low. I have been taking 400mg of progesterone everyday since. Anyhow since I have hit 10 weeks I am horribly nauseas and sick to my stomach. This morning I was throwing up stomach acid and bile before I could even get my breakfast ready. I feel so crappy and useless. The last 3 days it seems to improve as the day goes on which makes me feel like maybe the progesterone is doing this to me? My question is, do you think my body(placenta) started producing more than enough progesterone and the extra meds are now making me sick?? I called the doc today and she's not in. I got stuck with an insensitive nurse who tried to tell me the unisom trick which I'm already doing. This is different that my regular morning sickness. It is aweful!! Please help=)