born into heaven

I had my first miscarriage at 15 weeks 8 days ago. I had seen baby healthy in a ultrasound a week prior. My water broke and I delivered stillborn at home. It was a boy, a little smaller than my hand. We had a family service and buried him. He was so much apart of me I don't want him to be forgotten. This past week has been a time of reflextion. I have decided to not continue to question and guilt myself but trust God to give me strength to heal. We named our baby, Shane, meaning gift from God. He has changed my life forever. I ask The Lord everyday to tell my baby I love him.  I have spoken with so many women who have gone through the same loss since last week. I have found that giving into my tears and being able to talk about the pain, hurt and unbelievable loss is helping me heal. We are not alone. Take time to love and help someone else going through a hard time and you may find it helps you more.