Megan • 26 years old
I have been hearing from practically everyone that a half of a Unison sleep tab and a b6 will help with my morning sickness. I'm desperate. I have tried everything on the list of safe medications that my doctor has given me. Either they don't work at all or I throw them up. Every time I call the doctor I just end up with a message from the receptionist but she never actually allows me to ask the questions I want in my own words so I don't think she's relaying the messages to my doctor correctly. My doctor is amazing but the receptionist isn't very patient or she is frequently busy. Anyway, I know you guys probably aren't doctors but I need some relief at least until I can get to the doctor on the 16th. I have done a lot of research on unisom and everything I read says it's very safe for pregnancy. All the receptionist told me was I can't take b6 for longer than 7 days but wouldn't tell me why. She said stick with the emetrol, which I can't keep down. I am looking for some opinions or similar stories because I need to do something in order to keep even a little bit of water down. Any advice is appreciated!