Husband verbally abusive to 2 month old son

I'm so sad don't know what to do.

I went anonymous because I have family and friends on this app.

When I first found out I was pregnant I was excited! 10 long years of trying and I finally was pregnant. At my 20 week ultrasound my husband and I found out the sex (was praying for a girl) which we got a lil boy. He was so happy.

Fast forward to me actually giving birth to our son, who is now 2 months --- my husband is becoming a different man. He only holds our son no longer than 10 minutes, then puts him back down. I asked him why, he says I don't want him to be gay

If I am in the bathroom or fixing lunch or dinner, he will cry and I ask my husband to see what's wrong. He will say nothing is wrong with the faggot he's just used to being held, let him cry I also overheard him saying to him "shut your mouth you little sissy crying for no reason"

The things he say to our boy and about him breaks my heart. I had a talk with him before he left for work but he was being nonchalant. But when he left he texted me saying he treats our son the way he does because he doesn't want him to be gay and another text saying if he turns out to be gay he's going to kill him

I don't know what to do