Help!! TMI


So, the pat 2 days I've been ecstatic because I've taken 3 pregnancy tests: 2 digital and 1 with the lines. And they've all come out positive!

Literally just a few minutes ago, I went to the bathroom and as I've wiped, gotten some bright red blood on the tissue but not my underwear. Does this mean that I've gotten a "False Positive?" I know they are extremely rare, and this is my 2nd time getting pregnant this year (the last one was in June.) I had a chemical pregnancy.

I'm not supposed to start my period for another day or so, but I just felt pregnant and had to take the test! Is this a sign that it's no use to get my hopes up every time I see that wonderful little "pregnancy" in the window of a test and I'm not really pregnant?!

Ps: going to the doctor Friday