Did he handle it right?


OK let start from the very beginning.

So my mom left to go back to England for her mums funeral. At first me and dad were making jokes about her being tones and whatever but that doesn't matter.

So after a couple days my dad got more hostile, not to the point where her would beat me or anything. It's just that he would he would start to yell at me for the tiniest things. I mean I admit sometimes I would make a mess and deserved to get yell at, but the things he is yell at me for were friken stupid.

Spoon on the counter. His response "You are such a disappointment of a daughter, go to your room"

I also left a cup on a chair to do something he in fact TOLD ME TO DO. Then he calls me to do a bunch of his chores from my mom. I did mine and he expects me to do his too? Is that even fair? So anyway I was about to through that cup away when he called me to do something else. That's when he saw the cup.

He went crazy saying are you blind Aziza? Do I need to buy you a Service dog or something? I mean he's making me feel horrible about myself and I can't take it anymore.

I know I probably sound over dramatic and stuff it I can't anymore.

He told me to suck it up when I said I miss my mom......

To end this i just wanted your decision about if he handle it right or not. Honestly please don't give me any comments saying things like omg you are so dramatic. I just want a simple yes or no answer that's all so please just give me that.

Thank you