Which Guy Should I Even Be With? 🙄🤷🏽‍♀️

Alright so I have this big relationship shit show going on. I’m going to leave a general background of the two guys & explain the situation. Please help, I need as many votes as possible. & when you vote please give a reason why in the comments.

Matt is 19 & we have been dating for 8 months up to this point. Our relationship consisted of being happy at first like most couples to him being a big prick & not doing his part in the relationship. Although he helped me through A LOT in the first few months, I don’t feel like he has done much for me. There was lack of emotional support & he made me feel... well.. stupid a lot of the time.

Baely is 18 & we met a few weeks ago. We started out at being friends & we just slowly started to like each other. We would FaceTime all the time & talk for hours. He’s very sweet, caring, & has the best personality. He gives me compliments regularly & reminds me that I’m important. He has helped me through things that have recently been really rough for me.

Alright, now here’s what’s been happening.

Sunday night I broke up with Matt (in person bc no I’m not that shitty).

Monday, Baely invited me to come with him to his friends girlfriend apartment to meet his friend there & spend the night. So I did. When we got to the apartment, everything was cool, I was getting a few texts from Matt to see if I was okay. I answered a few then told him to stop bc I was trying to get my mind off of our break up. Baely & I were having the best time with his friends, we all ended up going to bed. His friends went to sleep in their bed. We slept out in the living room together. We did the “do”... won’t lie.

Tuesday morning I had a bunch of texts & calls from Matt, most texts were ignored, I answered a few calls. All of those calls were him asking where I was at & who I was with, um is that even his business?? We aren’t dating! He kept saying I was probably hanging out with fuck boys & whatever. The day went on & I got more upset than I already was. I decided to stay the night again at the apartment bc it was his friends birthday the next day. We got alcohol, Matt saw it on my Snapchat story. He called & called, I didn’t answer. He texted me & said some brutal things. (I’ll post in the comments).

Wednesday. This is where it gets crazy. At five in the morning, Matt decides to call me and ask me if I am “okay” I tell him it’s ridiculous that he called and told him I was going back to bed. So when I woke up in the morning I had a bunch of texts from Matt. I ignored all of his texts and calls all day. At one point I took a shower, I don’t remember what time. Baely said that my phone was being blown up with calls from matt. I ignored him. But when I was going home he texted me and asked me if he could come over to talk. At first I was hesitant, but I said yes. So when he came over all he was talking about is how he felt bad and wanted to be a better man. He went on and said that he was sorry for the things he said and that he lost his pride and whatever. He told me he could Treat me better than he did before. But all I could think about was Baely. Matt asked me to be his girlfriend again and to give him another shot. I badly wanted to say yes, but I couldn’t just leave Baely hanging like that. Because I can already tell that Baely liked me a lot. I ended up saying no and that was the first time that I saw Matt cry.

I feel terrible and I don’t know what to do. I would really like to hear some advice from you guys, because I’m in a really stuck place right now. I just want to be happy but I don’t know who I want to be happy with. Thanks ladies.

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