She was my friend and now I need advice.


Alrighty, I need some advice... this all started a few months ago. In like June my best friend needed to use my phone to contact her parents because she was currently grounded from hers. I was totally fine with her using mine but I specifically asked her not to text anyone else. Especially my ex I recently broken up with. I was playing some video games and I heard her laugh a bit behind me so I asked who she was texting and she was like "Oh I'm just texting [Hoe Ex's name]". I was confused but also upset. I asked for my phone back but she was really hesitant. She exited out of Messenger and handed it back to me. After a minute of checking some messages my mom sent me I pulled up her conversation with my Hoe Ex. They were talking about hooking up and having hardcore sex with each other in deep detail. I got upset and took my phone for the night and went to sleep. Mind you I didn't read the messages all the way through. The next morning at like 5 I heard her come into my room and say something about texting her dad. After she went to school I went to check the messages. She deleted them all and she lied about texting her dad. This kind of set me off but I eventually let it go. Last month she got a text from one of my other exes telling me to "fuck off" and calling me a bitch. I let that go too. Now this month is the fucking kicker. She comes to me after I come home from a really crappy trip and was like "omg, this friend of mine invited me to a party, I didnt go but if I did he probably wouldve raped me. But instead he raped a different girl who passed out drunk." This got me upset and concerned for my friend so I suggested she didnt hang with him. The next week she texts me and is like "Hey I'm hanging out with him". Like dont talk shit about him and immediately chill with him?? I went to the house they were chilling at and he immediately started talking shit to me. I look at my best friend for some help and she just sits there giggling as he makes fun of my weight and outfit. (I have social anxiety and I dressed up to impress one of the guys I knew there.) I leave the house in tears. Lets skip to a few days ago she reveals thats shes dating him on Snapchat and I was like "oh alrighty" and backed off. I had another friend at my house and posted a funny video on Snapchat of us and she immeadiately asked is she could come over the next day. I said sure. She comes over and we all hang out etc. It hits 12 am and she and my other friend stand up and declare they are going over

to her house to get some sweets. I ask them to ask my mom before they go they say no and leave. My mom comes out 5 mins later and asks where they are I tell them they went to her house to get sweets. I get in trouble because they didnt ask. (12 am is curfew and my mother was responsible for them atm) They also get in trouble. My friend Andi (Not the main friend I'm talking about comes back crying and apologizing.) Whereas Crayon (main friend) lies to me and leaves making me feel like a PoS friend. She didnt know that Andi is more loyal to me than her and told about the shit she talked so I got upset about her

saying bad crap about my mom. So I post on my personal Snapchat (I have like 3 friends including Crayon and Andi) the first two pictures below. After I go to bed I wake up to her boyfriend texting me asking why I being "mean" to Crayon. I explain what happened and he acts annoyed so get upset and call Crayon to ask her why she sent her boyfriend to talk to me. Sent to voicemail both time I called so I became agitated and gave up trying to forget all this drama. After this a couple hours later I get a text from Andi. They were screenshots of their messages. (Last three pictures) And I dont knos if I should break of this friendship or not...? Please help me.

(I posted these as an attempt to get her attention after she ignored my calls amd text messages.) (The next three are screenshots of Andi and Crayon's convo sent to me by Andi)

Do I drop her?