envy, jealousy, and trying to be happy for others


My best friend Gabby and I found put we were both pregnant at the same time, our due dates were just 3 days apart! We were supposed to plan our baby showers together, be there for the birth of each other's LOs. But my son was born extremely premature back in June and he passed away. I just got her baby shower invite and everything we planned is flooding back. Yesterday 2 of my friends welcomed their babies into the world, 2 girls who i grew up with and are younger than me are about ready to pop, then like 3 more girls I know from school are having babies too. It's all I see on my Facebook. I love my friends dearly and love seeing the babies and getting updates on them but it's getting hard not to feel the little green monster of jealousy pop up in the back of my head rather than feel happy for them when im watching them do all the things i should be doing along with them and I feel terrible for it. How can I make these feelings go away and enjoy celebrating these beautiful events with my friends?