Kailin Naomi Williams


My sweet sweet girl was born and lived minutes on this earth. 6/27/2017 and it's been 7 weeks and I still don't feel like myself. It started early 6/24 and I felt a lot of pain and pressure since I had already been admitted to the hospital for about 15 days because I was leaking fluid but back to the pressure it was the worse feeling in the world the doctor order and ultrasound where we found out that Kailin foot was in my cervix so I was put on strict bedrest and had to lay my feet above my head in hopes that Kailin would move. On the Monday the blood started and the pain became worst the doctor wanted to do an emergency csection because of the location of Kailin however since I was 22 weeks and 3 days they didn't feel like it was necessary so they took my cerclage out and just waited for nature to take its course on 6/27 at 347 pm my baby girl was born weighing me 1lb and 15" and at 352 left the earth and my heart still hurts and not sure how to move on