8mo sick


Little man has slept over 20 of the last 24 hours (730-730, 930-1230, 2-now 530). He's had a fever of 101 since 4am. He's had two doses of Tylenol. Should I call the ped?

He started daycare 3 weeks ago and has had stages of congestion, goopy eyes, coughs. Most of that has been gone but now the fever started

EDIT:: since his dose of Tylenol at 2pm (it's now 830pm) his temp is back to normal. Think I'm gonna ride out the night and see how he does. Just put him back down (already asleep) without meds. Kept his fluids up. His appetite and temperament (typically happy and playful) have been normal when he's up. If his temp goes back up or he doesn't sleep well I'll call the Ped first thing. Thanks for the support ladies!