Hoping to look more my age!

Alexandra • 23 years old. Proud first time mother of 1. Living life with my new little family: my daughter, my significant other, and me 👨‍👩‍👧 Enjoying every moment with my little one ❤️

I was hoping to get some make up tips to help me look "more my age". I'm 21 and I'm a new, first time mom, but I know I look a lot younger than I am, like 15/16? Especially looking so young and I'm really short (I'm 5'3), sometimes people think I'm a teen mom, which I'm not. And with the baby weight, my face looks extra round and I've always had these big cheeks that I know contribute to the "juvenile look". Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

Sorry this looks like a mug shot 😬