Baby #2 my little Camila is here ❤❤❤Went to my regular check up on 8/15 where I was supposed to get ...

Baby #2 my little Camila is here ❤❤❤
Went to my regular check up on 8/15 where I was supposed to get my membranes stripped to try and get stuff moving since she was due 8/19 but she surely had other plans because after that appointment I started having what I thought were cramps with some back pains. All up to 6 until I started having contractions 10mins apart and lasting 1 minute long. After a hour I was crying how bad these pains were. We decided to go to the hospital and when I get checked she tells me I'm 6cm dilated 😮😮😮😮😮😮 well they quickly move me to labor and delivery where I had to get a epidural because these pains were beyond ridiculous I was cursing up a storm crying. And let me say when I got that epidural I turned into the most happiest person ever lol. Continuing on to the night up to 4 in the morning I was 9 cm. And had to lay on my left side because I was feeling my contractions again at this point and again I was just miserable. Laying on my back was horrible but with every contraction my little lady heart beat would go down. I had to keep switching sides or keep moving ugh!!! Moving forward to 645-7 I was still at 9 but the contractions were giving me urges to push so I just did what my body was telling me. Finally my doctor checks me and I'm at 10 where I can push with no problem and once my love slipped out I had such relief. Oh I'm so happy and big sis came to visit and she is excited we can't wait to go home ❤️