A scheduled c-section and I went into labor!


I had my baby via scheduled C-section yesterday, August 16. It was my third C-section and I thought I remembered what it was going to be like but it was very different. My first section was after 48 long, hard hours of labor, my second was an emergency C-section after my water breaking two days before the scheduled date, and my third decided to wait until our schedule date. However, I woke up the morning of the 16th actually going into labor! My contractions were intensifying and approximately 2 to 4 minutes apart and I still had a half hour until my surgery. I was calmer than I expected right up until the spinal. I don't remember it hurting so badly the last 2 times, I screamed so loud that my family heard me in the waiting room! It felt like a really sharp sciatic pain, it was pretty awful. Then as the numbness moved up my body and reached my chest I didn't feel as though I could breathe and I started to panic. My husband told me that my blood pressure dropped at this point and I became unresponsive I don't remember that part, then a moment later the doctor gave me some medicine and I snapped out of it just like that and I apologized to the whole staff in the room for freaking out. And in my drugged up state I announced very loudly that this is the last baby. My sister said she heard me say "snip mother fucking snip" to my husband. My hospital practices gentle C-sections where they place the the baby on your chest and she doesn't leave the room afterwards so as they were stitching me up and removing the placenta I got to look at my brand new baby and talk to my husband which really helped take my mind off what was going on behind the sheet.

Following the surgery I was very itchy from the medicine that they gave me for the surgery as well as extremely nauseous and sweaty. I didn't expect this and my entire day yesterday was spent trying not to throw up and welcoming all of the visitors that came by. Ugh!

But my baby girl nursed immediately latched right on she passed all the tests and is a healthy beautiful little miracle! Today is day two and I feel so much better. No matter which way you birth a baby it's worth every bit of discomfort and pain throughout pregnancy and childbirth no doubt about it!

Also I had gestational diabetes, I was diagnosed at 27 weeks, and I was worried that the baby would be too big (they estimated her to be 8 lbs) or have low blood sugar when she came out but she didn't, thankfully.

I really loved reading everyone's birth stories when I was about to have my baby. The last days are long and emotional So hopefully someone can gain a little bit of insight or hope from reading my story!

Serafina Rae

6lbs14oz, 18 in.


Losing my shit in the OR

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