Eventful birth but he's here now! 😊


Was induced 3 days early, because amniotic fluid was low. Was already having contractions and baby was engaged a few weeks before hand, so both us and the doc thought the induction would go smoothly- boy was I wrong!

Once labor got started I dilated to a 3 pretty quickly and having mild contractions. As a little more time past I started to get horrible back pain and was starting to not be able to cope with it. I asked for an epidural and it took 3 1/2 hours to finally get it- at this point I was in tears. Once I finally got it, I was feeling so much better.

They gave me meds to up my contractions and broke my water and over a span of the next 12 hours I only dilated to a 4. They couldn't get my contractions any stronger in that time or me to dilate or efface. Baby's heart beat was starting to lower and found out he flipped over at some point and was facing the wrong- explaining the awful back pain!

After 24 hours in labor he was born via c-section. Not what I wanted but he's happy and healthy and that's all that matters to me 😊

Meet my little Redmond!