Power Pumping help


Ok, I get the gist of 10 min on 10 min for so long (something like that LOL) for 3 days or even a week depending on articles or individuals. But my question is, how many times a day do you do this?

I slacked during my maternity leave and didn't pump what I thought I would. I pumped all of like 5 or 6 times so I don't have very much frozen. I wanted to have a good stash so when I went back to work I could work both in and out of our shop and not worry about being late or not busy when it was feeding time.

I pumped yesterday morning after my son fed one side, I pumped both sides for 10 mins. Rest of the day it was like I didn't have enough for him. Frustrating.

So I need to build up my supply for one. I drink I don't know how much water during the day. I eat my 3 meals and snack during the day. I take a lactation supplement that I add to my water every morning (Premama).

I want to have enough supply for him but also enough to pump as well. Help!