I can't figure out the breast shield size and I'm going to cry.

My baby is on a nursing strike and I can't pump despite having a hospital grade pump and no problems using the same pump in the hospital even renting another one so I have two symphonies to see if the pump was the issue and it wasn't.

There's no milk flow/

I eventually have a thirty second let down of 10 ml and then that's it for the entire session unless I stop for twenty minutes and pump again and get another 10 ml let down.

I tried going to a 21 mm but I can't tell if it fits.. help please.

The info graphics are just confusing to me.

24 mm above

Please note this is two different sizes!

Below is the smaller above is bigger

Here 21

This is with the pump off.

I don't know if I need bigger or what.

Ignore the mascara on my hand I am actually in tears because I was so sure the smaller ones would fix everything and I'm still as confused as I was before