Edna • Teacher, Wifey and Mommy to Noah 7.10.17 💙

So... I have 3 pumps. Let me explain...

My Insurance gave me an Ameda purely yours. It's ok, I don't love it... I barely use it

My friend gave me her medela (backpack version) and I got the accessories.

Lastly my lactation consultant rented a medela symphony for me for free up to 2 months.

I primarily use the symphony and realized it's a lot stronger than the pump my friend gave me. I'm supposed to return the pump on sept 13 and I don't know if I should pay to continue renting or purchase a new medela pump because I feel like the one my friend gave me isn't as strong (maybe older, used a lot..?)

What would you do?

Continue renting?

Buy new medela pump?

Suck it up with what I have..

I exclusively pump and I have a good supply (45-50oz/ day)