Freaking myself out


I know I've read posts on here about this before, but I couldn't find one, and now I'm going through it myself. A little background, I am a medical assistant, and I worked in an OB office for 3.5 years. I know all the bad stuff that can happen. I've also had a miscarriage in the past. I'm 7w4days and for the last 2 weeks I've had pretty bad morning sickness. Well the last 2 days I've actually been feeling ok, and have had some of my energy back. I know that it's normal to start feeling better at some point, but I also can't stop myself from thinking "this is bad". I told my hubby I'm going to buy more pregnancy tests tomorrow. I'm praying that I'm just over thinking. No cramping or bleeding. Just a paranoid first time mom who knows to much about what can go wrong. Rant over