Help guys ??

So my best friend of 8 years just told me she's a lesbian and told me she has really strong feelings for me ..and now she would love if I gave her a chance.

My friend knows that I'm straight. and I can't help that I'll never be into a woman. So I let her down gently because she's such an emotional soul. and I do love her but not in a intimate way. So when I let her down she totally freaked out on me she started to hit me and call me all sorts of nasty names I never seen her to go like that before. Now we haven't spoken in 9 days I even tried calling her and texting her but she's just ignoring me I get she might be embarrassed but I told her there was no need to be that I'm flattered lol?. But anyways can you guys help me what to do/say because I really don't want to lose my best friend over this.