Gaining/losing weight in pregnancy

Samantha • Mommy of a princess 03.25.18 💕

For roughly a year before pregnancy I always stayed at 220lbs . During my first appt at 6 weeks 3 days I weight at 232 meaning I had gained 12 pounds already in my pregnancy . The baby , placenta , fluids , breast tissue etc weigh along 23 pounds . The lady who talked to me said she only wants me to gain 20 . Meaning I have to lose 3 pounds while gaining weight . And since I had already put in 12 that left me with only 8 more to gain in my whole pregnancy . I was only 6 weeks along . I wasn't nauseas and ate all the time cause of cravings etc . This was on July 31st , 2017 . Now I have my 11 week visit on September 1st , 2017 . I weigh myself once a week or every two weeks and I've lost 4 pounds . I now weigh 228 . Maiming I only gained 8 so far an can gain 12 more . I haven't changed much . I don't exercise or walk , I sleep a lot more , I'm nauseous from 11 am usually til about 3 pm . What I have changed is for breakfast I eat a yogurt , cherries , grapes , apples , oranges , etc and water or coffee . On days off work I'll eat cereal or oatmeal . I eat a medium sized lunch and I eat something for dinner . My lunches tend to be fast food items . I'm not starving myself or anything but I'm controlling what I eat and how much . I'm proud I've lost 4 pounds and trying not to gain too much right now for the safety of myself and my baby !!

Here is a picture when I found out I was pregnant at 3 weeks , when I had my first visit at around 6 weeks weighing 12 over , and this weeks belly too at 10 weeks weighing 8 over ( lost 4 ) .

Wondering if it's twins , run in my family .