my induction birth story (long! )


So my little man was born on April 30, and I'm just now getting around to writing this. Everything was great through my pregnancy for the most part. No sickness, no extreme hormones aside from a few incidents, no major health issues, nothing. I was told to quit working at 25 weeks because of placental insufficiency beginning to show signs and staying on my feet all day didn't help. So from there on, I stayed home and just took care of the house and got things ready for baby. My 36 week check up came, and my BP was high. like 149/93. Which was strange, because my bp was ALWAYS perfect. The nurse checked again, and it was the same. So she made a note on my chart and my doctor came and checked me and she told me I was 2 cm and still not very thinned. I also had to come back the next day to check my BP again. at this point I was 36+3. I went in the next day, and my BP went down a little bit, so I'm thinking that's great and I could have my baby natural like I planned. Nope, my urine now had protein in it. My doctor walked in and said that I was swollen and that it was time to get ready for a baby the next.morning which was a Saturday. I looked at her with a dead expression on my face and told her nope. but I knew deep down that it was best for my baby and for me. so I go home, call the hospital and set.up my induction for 6 am the following morning, put all our stuff in the car and didn't sleep a bit. my boyfriend took me for what he called my "last meal". we went and ate at Joe's crab shack and came home and talked about all the what ifs and what could go wrong. I told him if it comes down to me or the baby, save our baby. so time comes, and we get in the car and head to the hospital. I cried 90% of the way there (an hour drive) between being scared and being excited to meet our little man. we listened to music about babies and love songs. we sang to the top of our lungs "3 little birds" by Bob Marley while holding hands. we get there, check in and get up to our room. They asked a million questions about my health  and medical past and hooked me up to monitors for the baby and apparently I was already having contractions. they started the pitocin and antibiotics for GBS. Come 9 am, the doctor came and broke my water, and I dilated to 3 cm by then. hours and hours go by it felt like. it was 2 pm, and I dilated to 6 cm and started getting back labor. I started begging for the epidural. Anesthesia came up and when they stuck the needle in my back, he kept yelling at me to be still because my back muscles kept tensing up on their own. and I yelled at him "I'M FUCKING TRYING DUDE. I DON'T WANNA BE PARALYZED EITHER." Once it was in and he came back to check on me, I apologized so much because that's not like me. Anyway, come 5 pm, I'm stuck at 6 cm. they gave me the "peanut" and laid me on my side and left me alone til 10 pm. By then I'm at 7 cm and pretty thinned out. so they let me get rid of the peanut ball and let me sit up. I'm chilling watching tv, my boyfriend went downstairs to the vending machines and all of a sudden, like 6 nurses run in the room, lay my bed flat and shoved an oxygen mask on me. I'm crying and freaking out because I have no clue what's going on, my boyfriend wasn't there and nobody was listening to me. Apparently the baby's heart rate dropped to 50 something and they back up. My boyfriend walked in during all this and freaked out because he left and I was fine, came back and shit had hit the fan. So I am stuck on my side and can't move or else baby's heart rate drops again. Back labor at this point was so bad I was SCREAMING. Epidural wasn't touching it one bit. Finally it's around midnight and I got chevked again and was at 10 cm! I'm allowed to push! So we did some practice pushes and they called the doctor up and it was go time. Apparently I wasn't pushing correctly and the nurse was fussing at me telling me to try and poop. And i told her idk how you shit, but I'm trying. And eventually we got a sheet and did tug of war to help push. Most of the pushing was a blur because i was passing Out between pushes. But I remember my boyfriend holding my hand singing "don't worry about a thing, cause every little thing is gonna be alright." And I cried and cried. By this point baby is in the birth canal, and had his head turned and got stuck. My doctor looked at me and said we gotta get forceps and get him out, now! So they did and I wound up with a 2nd degree tear. As she was stitching me up, she said "When you having another?" I looked at her and asked if she was crazy because I'm done. She admitted it was a very traumatic birth for a FTM, but I did very well. Finally after 20 hours of labor plus 4 hours of pushing, my little Carter James made his arrival at 5:50 am. He was suppose to be a May baby, but they forced him out. He tried to hold out til may. Being technically a preemie at 36+5, he was 6lb, 4oz and 19.5 in. long. No NICU or anything. Baby was perfect and healthy.