My aunt's sons father

Ok so yesterday I went to one of my aunts sons funeral. One of the saddest days of my life. She's not my biological aunt but she's been there my whole life and to be saying goodbye to my three month old baby cousin was hard enough. But during the funeral I felt my phone vibrate and once it was over I checked my missed messages and it was from her sons dad!!! He asked me to come have sex with him while he had time instead of being at his own sons funeral.

I feel so disgusted I would never sleep with him and it's so sad because my aunt was looking for him at the funeral so he could help her with the other son they have left smh.

I don't want to say anything to her now because she just lost her 3 month old baby. But what the hell do I say to him I'm eventually going to see him again and really don't want it to be awkward but at the same time I want to rip his head off for how disrespectful that is.

Smh it has me so heated😤