what is this?

anonymous • 23

i ended my period sunday and started a different type(same kind((as far as i know)) Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo. just a different name) sunday as well. last night i put my finger inside of me and like swirled around and this was what came out... is it old blood or is it from the BC or what? it didn't have a smell from what i could tell.

i also took a preg test the day i got my period because i was stressing myself late and it was negative. later that night i started my period(it had clots like usual)

i also had (protected(condom)) sex the night before last night and didn't pee until i got home and didn't shower until yesterday which usually i always immediately pee after and usually shower as soon as i can i was just too tired that night. it looks to me like a mix of discharge that i get after sex and old blood. i just checked for more and there's no more at all and my discharge looks normal and there's still no smell