He cheated!


Okay so. My bf (of 2 years) works a lot, and he has to because I'm a stay at home Mom with our 15 month old daughter. This morning he left his phone out for our daughter to watch. And since he's been acting weird lately, I snooped. And I found he's been texting some girl (he claims she lives in panama) but she's been sending him almost nude pictures, and he's actually been asking for them..

We've been arguing a lot lately Bc I feel over whelmed. And I know that's no excuse for him to get attention from someone else.

He's apologized. And said it'd never happen again. Blah blah. I'm pissed! And I have every right to be pissed.. but what would y'all do? Leave or give him another chance?? Do you even think of it as "cheating" or what.