Do you think wiping walls and baseboards down are too much for kids to do? We rent and there are certain chores I give the kids to do because we live in a BIG house. The 15, 14 n two 12 year olds(soon to be 13) clean their bathrooms and help with dishes and vacuuming. I have step daughters who ran home and tell their mother that I make them clean the whole house. I've tried explaining what they do but then I'm being called names. I literally do more cleaning than they do. Crazy how I'm called names for having chores for them to do. Apparently I'm suppose to be a friend and not a mother...


So my love called the mother yesterday and proceeded to have a discussion about how we run our household. Apparently the girls were over exaggerating quite a bit. She wanted to nit pick how we clean and he explained that he wasn't going to explain how we clean, but that we clean a certain way because we have a big household and we have guest come over so yeah our way may not be the way she does it but there is no one way to clean. She jumped from one thing to another and he simply told her that nothing was going to change and that we are raising our kids to better prepare them for the future. That responsible parenting is what we do and that she can't threaten to keep kids either. That they have a court document that states visitations and that he will take her to court if she violates the order. That he has a right to have his kids whether they agree with how the household is ran. Also we take our kids to water parks, movies, state fairs, haunted houses and so on. These things cost money and they have to earn them as well. We also pay for their cell phones even though I believe that kids don't need them. We've had a couple issues with his oldest getting in trouble with her phone line. It is a privilege, not a necessity.

Thank you sooo much ladies for all the advice and comments. It has reassured me that I am not doing anything wrong and that I am teaching them responsibility. I am trying to prepare them for a bright future. They will have responsibility with their jobs, homes n their own families.