Does anyone else know that feeling when your stomach is in a knot all day because of a little argument with someone you love because you're scared they are mad at you. Those days where it's hard to find motivation to do anything and the second you lay down in bed your curled up in a ball with your hand over your mouth or your face shoved in a pillow silently crying so hard you can't control your breathing. And to make things better someone tells you that you have control and need to just stop over thinking. Then you lose it even more because no matter how hard you try you have no control and you've been through counseling and been taken to the hospital because of it and nothing has helped. It's like no matter what you do your anxiety is always there on your shoulder reminding you that it can fuck things up in a heart beat and no on understands so you stop talking to everyone about it. Then you start to feel like you just annoy them anyways so you need to cut yourself off but all you want is a breath of fresh air thats it's impossible to get.