So on fathers day of this year (2017) we gave birth to our little boy who was born witbout a heartbeat. I was 22w6d along. My husband and I have always used the "withdrawal method" of bc along with other family planning strategies...We have never had an accident child and we have been having children together for 13 years. We have 3 and all were conceived when we decided "not to withdrawal". I have only had one cycle since we delivered Beau on Fathers Day. We did decide to not pull out during day 2 of my menstrual cycle. I have always been a 30 day period girl. A week ago my period was due to start (if my cycle remains the same after Beau's birth). Thursday I took a test a d it turned dark pink so fast! Faster than any others that I have ever taken that were positive. COULD I BE LREGNANT OR IS IT LEFT OVER HCG? I called my OBGYN and they had me do blood work. I'm a nervous wreak! I'm assuming tomorrow I will get those results. Help! Has anyone else experienced anything like this?