Cheating or Break

So and my boyfriend have been together 4 years. I think he might be slightly bipolar because I know his mother is clinically and on meds. Well we are constantly breaking up like every 3 months... he breaks up with me. It is usually over something petty that gets way blown out of proportion and then we just fight about everything. We fight a lot about him always just playing video games and not wanting to do anything with me when I'm around visiting. So then he breaks up with me and usually the break up last a few days..... once it was as sort as a 3 hour break up. Well the last few times we've broken up I've had sex with other men. I've always used protection because I'm not stupid and have been tested after. Usually after the break up I find out from his friends all he did was binged video games (18 hours+) because he feels he can't do that with me... And he's right. Do I have to tell him I have sex with other men when we get back together or is it okay to not tell him since he doesn't ask and we were on a break?

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