Dating an Older man (more than 10 years older)


Someone please explain to me why it's such a big deal for people to date people older than you. I'm 21 year old female, dating a 44 year old man. We've been together for 2+ years and we just had our first child together. We have 3 fur babies, also. But even after 2 years, I still get the "that's your fiancé?" and the whole "omg how old is he?" Like how fucking rude is that?

I'd understand if I was underage, but I'm a grown woman. I have a child with this man, and we are engaged. Why does it matter like it's not your relationship? My family is happy i'm happy. He treats me like a queen, and is an amazing father to our son and fur babies. He's provided me the best life and the best love. Why can't that be the question like, "He treats you correctly, right?"