Relationship confusion :(


So I don't know if this is where I should ask this. But I really need an outsiders opinion. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year and a half and I adore him. But we've had a lot of issues throughout our whole relationship. The most recent massive problem was when I was messaged by one of his friends saying that he'd said he had feelings for another girl. I was a mess about it and he denied it. He said he only had feelings for the way him and the girl acted together. Like how happy they are when they talk. He said it reminded him of the way we were before all of the fighting. Majority of the fighting is about my ex. Even though my ex and I broke up almost 3 years ago. I was heart broken about what he'd said and still am. He has a lot of girls as friends and I struggle with it because he lies about simple conversations and he gets angry when I talk to one other guy. After talking about it well trying to, we decided to go on a break and I'm really struggling with it. There's almost always been lying, which has made everything so much harder. He thinks we can get back to the way we were. And I really want to be happy with him, I do see a future with him but I would be more hurt than I am now if I had to see him with another girl. I just am hoping that someone on here can give me some kind of advice. Sorry for it being so long and confusing. Thank you girls xxx