Family issues with social media

Update: they are all blocked but the keep telling me what to not post because people who know them ask them, for example some people at our church were not invited to our wedding (it's a big church with over 500 people) and they would comment saying oh it was beautiful etc and my parents feel awkward because those people were not invited. So their solution is to tell me not to post or take the post down.

Hi ladies. I am officially pissed. My family likes to police what I'm posting on my social media. For example I'm pregnant and they've been on my case telling me not to post it on social media, I did my pregnancy reveal on Sunday and now they feel some type of way and are preachy. Mind you I'm a married woman 2 years now and had been struggling to conceive. I did everything by their rules till I moved out n got married. Recently I also needed some advice and asked generally on Facebook without divulging details and mom again had something to say then. Irregardless of whether you post something or not there will be people who are not happy for you, I don't know what to say to them anymore, they were even unhappy about me posting our wedding pics 😡 they get annoyed when people ask them about stuff they see on my Facebook and that's what I believe is their main issue but I seriously do not believe they need to deal with that by policing me. What can I possibly do for them to get this? I'm seriously frustrated with them now.