Has anyone experienced some intense emotional sobbing?

I had an incident yesterday where my sister in law did something super inconsiderate and hurtful. After they left our house I had a convo with my partner that went well enough, but I became really weepy! And then I pretty much cried on and off for hours and eventually cried myself to sleep!

Then I went to work today and I realized I made a mistake and it set me off again and I started sobbing at my desk. I didn't go to our staff meeting because I was so distraught. After I thought I had it together I joined the group to immediately have a mini panic attack and sob fest again in front of everyone. It was super embarrassing. I feel better now, but dang! Lots of crying.

Also my favorite forests are quickly burning down right now in the Columbia Gorge and ashes are covering everything around me. That's realllllllly not helping. :((((((