My cousins make my grandma cry!


so I live in the U.S and my grandma lives in Mexico (she is blind and diabetic) my grandpa just passed a couple months ago and he used to care for her now my older cousins moved in with her to "help" her out my mom and aunts send grandma money every week but lately grandma runs out of everything quickly 2 cousins that live with grandma they have office jobs not married no children they told their parent they help grandma out paying bills and buying food and in the 5 months they have been living there have not paid a penny my mom and aunts are practically supporting them I told my mom that it didn't seem right to me that they just live there without responsibilities posting pics on Facebook about going out drinking and grandma calls saying she has nothing to eat like I'm 22 and live with my parents and I pay rent they are fucking 27 28 years old grandma says that they even get mad when she ask them to take her to the store to get food for the house they even use the car my mom sent for her and grandpa the talk to her rude like she should be thanking them for caring for her gramma says they leave the lights on and she won't notice till it's nightime (my grandma can see shapes and stuff but she is considered legally blind) I don't know what to do because I have an aunt that likes to scold my grandma about spending so much money and makes her cry and I get so angry because they are literally living of of grandma playing the responsible adult to their parents and treating my grandma like shit eating all her food and claiming they are doing us a favor for taking care of her like bitch are you serious she your fucking grandma too! my uncle's found out today that they don't pay for shit and now they are treating grandma horribly Like she called my mom balling about how rude they were to her I'm so mad because I pay 600 for my rent at home (I know its a lot) but my mom uses that money to send to my grandma so they are enjoying my money! and none of my aunts want to tell them anything because grandma doesn't want them to fight with each other she thinks it's all her fault and that breaks my heart so much I would be so embarrassed to live there and not pay for a thing while eating and showering just I don't understand them like I want to call them and I almost did the other night but my mom and grandma stopped me what do you guys think like am I exaggerating or am I right like I am so mad how can someone treat a old lady that way while they live off of her like how please let me know what y'all think I'm gonna calm down with a cold shower